Leagues Performance Stats Trends

These performance stats trends are calculated on a daily basis and represent average values per match in a given league. There are 19 different stats for you to sort and filter, which can be used for building custom betting & trading systems, as well as in-play alerts.

The averages’ calculations are based on league matches from the beginning of 2018/2019 season until today.

Performance stats trends feature stats from Bet365 and other sources and include the following:

  • shots_total
  • shots_ongoal
  • shots_offgoal
  • inside_box
  • outside_box
  • passes_total
  • passes_accurate
  • passes_percentage
  • attacks
  • dangerous_attacks
  • fouls
  • corners
  • offsides
  • yellowcards
  • redcards
  • goals_ft
  • goals_fh
  • goals_sh
  • tackles

Leagues Performance Stats Trends - Major Leagues