Live Builder Results Spreadsheet

These are all the past matches from the #LiveBuilder’s alerts sorted by match date. There are plenty of different ways of playing the alerts, so it’s impossible to record all the outcomes for the number of different strategies. However, we provide the records of scores and odds at the time of sending the alerts and full-time scores for home and away goals and corners. Feel free to sort (using the headers of the table) and filter (using the filter fields under the table) these results below. You can download the excel file for further analysis – to apply your own filters to improve results further.

  • min – minute of sending the alert
  • score – score at the time of sending the alert
  • cos – corners at the time of sending the alert
  • OT1 – Odds Type 1 (either Home, Draw, Away)
  • O1 – Odds for OT1 (either Home, Draw, Away)
  • OT2 – Odds Type 2 (O for Overs, U for Under) GOALS
  • L2 – Line 2 (recorded GOALS Line)
  • O2 – Odds for OT2 (either for O or U)
  • OT3 – Odds Type 3 (O for Overs, U for Under) CORNERS
  • L3 – Line 2 (recorded CORNERS Line)
  • O3 – Odds for OT3 (either for O or U)
  • Hsc – FT Home Score
  • Asc – FT Away Score
  • 1H_Hsc – HT Home Score
  • 1H_Asc – HT Away Score
  • HCo – Home FT Corners
  • ACo – Away FT Corners
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