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Welcome to the Bet The Builder’s Professional Football Betting Academy. This is where you can access high-quality learning materials, access our professional betting tools and start your betting process.

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Have you ever wanted to treat football betting as a profession? Would you like to make an income from betting on football? Now you have a chance to learn from professionals and follow proven steps to achieve your goal quicker!

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Complete our online professional football betting course, build your betting process & start your betting journey


Access and use our professional football betting analysis tools and build your systems around them


Follow you progress with our platform for easy records keeping, testing and executing your systems

Serious betting is a lot about self-discovery. You will need to learn how you react in certain situations, identify your weaknesses and bad habits that lose you money when betting. Successful betting starts with developing realistic expectations and building the right mindset.

Following our content should make the whole learning process a lot quicker and somewhat easier as you act upon professional advice and learn from the experiences of betting professionals.

We will guide you to build your own betting plan, to start betting & thinking independently and learn skills that you can use for many years to come!

What we offer

Finding Your Niche


Online professional football betting course

Professional football betting tools

Money Trends Radar

Access professional football betting tools



Record and test your systems

Online course will teach you about:

Bad habits & mistakes in betting
Developing successfull mindset
Establishing realistic expectations
Different betting styles
Professional techniques
Building your personal betting plan

Accessing professional tools:

Learning to use the MTR, Shifted Form & Odds Ranger tools
Anayzying football differently
Spotting value opportunities
Finding your edge
Accessing al stats, tips & trends from BTB PRO membership

Using your systems platform:

Adding picks to your systems
Automatic records keeping
Tracking your performance
Testing multiple systems

You will be given the Active Plan of Action – proved, practical plan to get you started learning to bet professionally.

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